Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Week.....

May 15 we took off for a few days in Qld (Hervey Bay and Noosa) with the boys. First few days were great.....sunshine, fun, relaxation........and then the rain started! And it continued for the remaining few days we had, culminating in torrential rain while we ran out to the plane and a very bumpy take off. I know those of you in the affected areas have probably had enough of the rain, but here in Victoria we would love that sort of rain!
Back to normality all too quickly.....which has included a sore throat for me, picking up his first pair of glasses for our older son Patrick, Patrick getting a very nasty cut to his upper lip (A&E left the decision to stitch or not to stitch up to us.....the fact they wanted to do it without anesthetic made that an easy choice), and Samuel just being Samuel.
Have just spent a few hours updating business financials (not my favourite job in the world), and am now going to start tackle stocktaking!
Hope you are all finding time to create some great projects........send them through to me at amanda@themadscrapper.com.au to share with others!
Happy Scrapping!

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