Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Day Happiness

Here in Melbourne it was Grand Final Day yesterday and, regardless of who is playing, we always watch it.  We took the boys to the Royal Melbourne Show in the morning to keep them happy, so they didnt complain too much at us watching the footy.
I'm not a fan of just sitting watching so I got some more pages done for My Story.....pages of my wedding. Such a happy and fun day that I couldn't fit this day into just one here's what I ended up with.  Still fairly simple....the 12x12 pages of my wedding day are much more detailed!
Lead up the the ceremony.......we got ready upstairs at the hotel, so just had to take the lift down and through the lobby out onto the deck.....Novotel Wollongong...
And here are snaps from the ceremony itself...
We had photos taken on Wollongong off everyone!
And then the reception started....
.....the partying was great!
Still love looking at the memories!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Productive 2 weeks

Last weekend I scrapped instead of adding to the I got a few of the more difficult pages done.  Not difficult in terms of subject matter, just difficult in that there were odd photos, they didn't match etc.  Solution was to concentrate on putting them in, and using bright multi coloured papers to go with them.
First up......the NAB Bank Staff Ball 1997....good night, great friends!
Followed by random photos...of things that were significant in 1997 and 1998 (aside from those with the ex in them)
And then fist big trip to Europe (which I have 2 very full photo albums for already)
and the NAB Bank Ball 1999....
End of 1999 spent visiting good friends before I moved to the UK....
The start of my big in Boston, winters day in London (again...another 2 full albums for that time away)
And the Cambridge Xmas Party 2000....those were the days....
Top right is me and my now the last 12 years we have lots of photos of our time together.....pages from here in will just be snippets of the really big moments!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scrapping Exes

While scrappying 'My Story' I kept the photos of my ex-husband to a minimum......not really good memories to look back on.
But this week I was up to a couple of years in my life that included an ex-boyfriend. Apart from the break-up, the time together was very important to me and I have lots of good memories.
So, I selected photos that represented the really good memories. And rather than use lots of different papers and things, I used the Teresa Collins 'Tell Your Story' range......perfectly suited to PL style layouts as it has 6x4 Title Cards and 3x4 journal cards (although all the titles are horizontal and all the journal cards are vertical...fine for some pages but not for others. As well as the cards I used the 6x6 paper pads, and the co-ordinating layered butterfly stickers, washi tape, cardstock stickers and cardstock die cuts and flashcards (what didn't I use???)
Here's what I ended up with after a very productive week.....just journalling to go.....

And after that busy week I doubt that this week will be as productive......I got one page done this morning but have been taking some time out to read a book the rest of the day....bliss.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Approaching 30.......

Last weekend my hubby and eldest son went to Gladstone for 4 days, leaving Samuel (5) and I home alone.  Thursday I worked from home and got caught up on all the housework....leaving Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning free for scrapbooking.
Luckily Samuel is happy to sit and do his own art work with me, or sit and watch kids shows while I scrap.
So, I did some traditional layouts, and some more pages for "The Story of Me".....
First up....friends from NAB, my dog "Mouse" and me being bridesmaid at my sisters wedding...and a road trip across the Nullaboor...There wasnt a lot to see!
Then a trip to NZ to be bridesmaid at my best friend Rachel's wedding...
Next from my return to Melbourne after separating from my husband and Perth....catching up with friends on the first page, then my housewarming party on the second. (and first use of non 12x12 pages to fit the photos I had)
And from my 30th.....and doesn't that seem like a 1/3 of a lifetime ago....probably cause it is.  That year was the start of lots of good new beginnings.
This weekend I will tackle photos from the my 30s.  And this is where SO MUCH happened.  So I'll just be adding selected photos (or I'll be here forever lol).