Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week 6 and back to work

Week 6 I ended up doing two double spreads.....not an insert, just four pages continuing on from each other. 
This was the week I was really would I take photos if I was back at work....what would I take photos of? 
Well, luckily there were plenty of opportunities, and a weekend away in Phillip Island to see the penguins (and lots of other cool stuff) gave us more photo opps.
The Waitangi day card is a filler for the moment as I am waiting for some specific flairs that I asked to design.  I'd seen their Australia Day flairs but Waitangi day is for me!
And I got a bit adventurous and even cut a few 4x6 photos to fit into 2 3x4 slots.
I really feel like I am getting the hang of this.......(remind me of this in about a month's time when I struggle to fill a page!
Happy scrapping,

Week 5....back to school

Such an emotional week....our baby is off to school.  We took a lot of photos for this, so there is a double page insert this week.
Here is the "normal week" layout.  I added some wood veneers to the title card this week....I only had a couple of veneers when I did this layout but......more will appear.
Last week of holidays for me and I decided to start the working year with a new haircut....lucky I trust my hairdresser as the haircut is NOTHING like the 3 photos I took with me but I love it anyway. SO easy in the mornings to get ready.

And here are the school pages I added.  A diversion from the seafoam kit, using the Kaisercraft Class Act papers and embellishments (and I realised this week I have some more flairs for school so will have to add them to the page later). I know I'll look back on these photos and be extremely grateful I took so many to mark the occassion.

Happy scrapping,

Week preparations

Bit of a mixed week for us.  After completing my long list of "summer jobs" (you know, cleaning kitchen cupboards, sorting out all the kids clothes, having windows cleaned etc etc) I finally got some real quality time to catch up on my reading.  I love getting books for gifts (still prefer real pages to reading on the ipad) but even more I love being able to sit down and read them in one or two sittings.
Lots of prep work for going back to school.....and Master 5 got his first pair of both of our boys need glasses is beyond both us and the optometrist as Jason and I have perfect vision (must have skipped our generation).
And the BIG news on the scrapping front.......I upgraded from a Selphy to a Picturemate .....again, this was influenced by the discussions on the PL FB group here in Oz.  So easy to use and no need for borders....unless I want to use them....which often I do.
Happy scrapping,

2013 Week 3.....and those extra photos

What a great week to be at home!
We had a family day out with friends at the Adventure Park in was hot but so relaxing. Adults and kids enjoyed themselves and the photos are so bright and happy.
The weekend was a very busy one...taking the boys to see Brickvention (a huge Lego convention) on Saturday and then to the Australian Open tennis on Sunday.
We took a heap of photos....too many to put them all in where are they?

As well as this 'Family' PL album, I am also doing separate albums for each of my two boys.  They won't be week to week, they will be monthly, with photos from whatever we did added in order.  This allows me to make use of extra photos we take, as well as include more photos of each boy.  I'll blog their albums as a monthly item......note to self to finish January!

Happy scrapping,

2013 Week 2

Week you can see, my 4x6 photos have colour borders around them....why? Well, i have a Canon Selphy and it doesn't print true 4x6 photos.  So if I just put the photos in they keep falling out.  How annoying is that?  So I end up trimming a bit more off the photo to create a bit more obvious border.
BH didn't do her cardstock packs for the Seafoam kit (have I said how much I love this colour palette?...awesome!) so I set a challenge for the lovely Jodie from Polka Dot Creative to custom make a cardstock pack for me to match.  A lovely box arrived and I spent an enjoyable hour or more cutting and rounding 36 12x12 sheets of cardstock.....ended up having to put a band aid on my thumb to be able to finish.
I also started using gorgeous flair buttons from Gail at - again, I chose products that I thought would go with Seafoam.
Loving how easily these pages came together (once I'd dealt with all my "what about" questions.
Happy Scrapping,

A slow start to 2013 - Title and Week 1

I thought I was all ready to start 2013, but turns out I wasn't.  I had lots of ideas in my head but translating them to the page just didn't work.  First I had to wait for my kit to arrive.  Then I couldn't decide on how I wanted the title page to look (too many fabulous ideas on the Australia FB PL page).  Then I couldn't decide what standard format I wanted to use each spread, or how I wanted each weekly title card to look, and whether I could do a "Week in Review" card seeing as I didn't 'do' digital.
And can you believe that all of these things hampered me because I wanted to keep things SIMPLE?
I did print my photos off and put them in the pages though.  So when I made was relatively simple to complete the pages.
So here is my title page....

And here is my week one spread.

Some things to note.....I want to use the 4x6 title cards in the kit but they are a little plain on their each title card will have a doilie of some description and an embellishment or two.  The dates will go in the box.  I want to add a circle with "Week X" but haven't worked out how I am going to do that yet.
The Week In Review card was only added mid Feb when I downloaded a trial of Adobe Photoshop and bought the Cathy Zielski's templates (Love them).  Now I just have to buy Photoshop for the rest of the year!
I haven't journalled about my uncle's passing yet - it's a little too raw still - but it will go in the folded 4x6 below the photo.  I also received the service booklet and printouts of the readings from my aunty in the UK this week so they will go in as an insert.
So that is how I started the to blog weeks 2 onwards.
Happy scrapping,