Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 Week 2

Week you can see, my 4x6 photos have colour borders around them....why? Well, i have a Canon Selphy and it doesn't print true 4x6 photos.  So if I just put the photos in they keep falling out.  How annoying is that?  So I end up trimming a bit more off the photo to create a bit more obvious border.
BH didn't do her cardstock packs for the Seafoam kit (have I said how much I love this colour palette?...awesome!) so I set a challenge for the lovely Jodie from Polka Dot Creative to custom make a cardstock pack for me to match.  A lovely box arrived and I spent an enjoyable hour or more cutting and rounding 36 12x12 sheets of cardstock.....ended up having to put a band aid on my thumb to be able to finish.
I also started using gorgeous flair buttons from Gail at - again, I chose products that I thought would go with Seafoam.
Loving how easily these pages came together (once I'd dealt with all my "what about" questions.
Happy Scrapping,

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