Saturday, February 23, 2013

A slow start to 2013 - Title and Week 1

I thought I was all ready to start 2013, but turns out I wasn't.  I had lots of ideas in my head but translating them to the page just didn't work.  First I had to wait for my kit to arrive.  Then I couldn't decide on how I wanted the title page to look (too many fabulous ideas on the Australia FB PL page).  Then I couldn't decide what standard format I wanted to use each spread, or how I wanted each weekly title card to look, and whether I could do a "Week in Review" card seeing as I didn't 'do' digital.
And can you believe that all of these things hampered me because I wanted to keep things SIMPLE?
I did print my photos off and put them in the pages though.  So when I made was relatively simple to complete the pages.
So here is my title page....

And here is my week one spread.

Some things to note.....I want to use the 4x6 title cards in the kit but they are a little plain on their each title card will have a doilie of some description and an embellishment or two.  The dates will go in the box.  I want to add a circle with "Week X" but haven't worked out how I am going to do that yet.
The Week In Review card was only added mid Feb when I downloaded a trial of Adobe Photoshop and bought the Cathy Zielski's templates (Love them).  Now I just have to buy Photoshop for the rest of the year!
I haven't journalled about my uncle's passing yet - it's a little too raw still - but it will go in the folded 4x6 below the photo.  I also received the service booklet and printouts of the readings from my aunty in the UK this week so they will go in as an insert.
So that is how I started the to blog weeks 2 onwards.
Happy scrapping,

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