Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 Week 3.....and those extra photos

What a great week to be at home!
We had a family day out with friends at the Adventure Park in was hot but so relaxing. Adults and kids enjoyed themselves and the photos are so bright and happy.
The weekend was a very busy one...taking the boys to see Brickvention (a huge Lego convention) on Saturday and then to the Australian Open tennis on Sunday.
We took a heap of photos....too many to put them all in where are they?

As well as this 'Family' PL album, I am also doing separate albums for each of my two boys.  They won't be week to week, they will be monthly, with photos from whatever we did added in order.  This allows me to make use of extra photos we take, as well as include more photos of each boy.  I'll blog their albums as a monthly item......note to self to finish January!

Happy scrapping,

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