Monday, August 14, 2017

31 Things.......Phase 2

This past week I have continued my work on my 31 Things project.  First up was making a title page.

I've also been taking my notes and writing them up into journalling posts.  I had already cut 31 cards to 3"x8" for this purpose.
I also finished making notes for all the headings on the way to and from work.

On the journalling cards I added some thin glitter washi tape to the bottom of each card, to co-ordinate with the page the card will go on.  I also made sure I left enough room at the top of each card to add a small stamp.

I also made notes of what photos I wanted to use, and which ones I still need to take.  For those I already had, I printed those off, ready to use.

I have put the first few pages together - to get the measurements correct - so should be finished this project by the end of the coming week.

Am loving getting these stories completed.

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