Sunday, September 30, 2018

Story Camp - Part 3

Its the 30th September here in Melbourne and I am almost done.  Over the past few weeks I have been working on journalling and finishing things off.  Last weekend I was really motivated to get a lot done.  But that was only after all the housework and laundry was done of course!
At the end of last weekend, I basically had one more full day to complete, a couple of full pages to do, and one page that I wasn't happy with at all that needed some more thought.
Here's what some of the pages looked like at the end of the photos/journalling/embellishment process:


Yesterday I pulled out the travel phrase stamp, the "Go" story stamp and another random travel type stamp, and made all the Avery index taps for the pages smaller than 9x12. 
I stuck to black stazon ink for these to simplify the process.
While most of my albums are the same page size throughout, I really enjoyed the freedom to use lots of different size pages in this album - it made it so much easier to the tell the story as it needed.
So here's some snaps of that process, also showcasing how I used different size photos.


Today I am finishing the album off.  I have the following things to do:
- make a 9x12 page of the trees at Muir Woods (I don't really have a good photo, but have to put something in the back of the pocket)
- create my title page

I title page is the last thing to do.  I have seen so many great opening pages but I just cannot work out what I want this page to look like.  Story Camp was the whole reason I took this trip, but it was only 2 1/2 days of the 14 days I was away.  And the start of the Story Camp section in the album is really obvious, so I don't want to repeat that.
I love the pages that have your travel shown - so a map of Australia, and a map of the USA with the flight path between the two is calling to me......but I am rubbish at digital so not sure how I would achieve that.

Anyway.....that's my plan.

The album is FULL!  So full that all the ephemera I collected doesn't fit.  Nor will the travellers notebook with all the signatures in it, that I will be adding more photos of people to.

I've never recorded a video of my albums before, but I am so pleased with this album that I will attempt to record it during the week.

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