Friday, January 25, 2013

Dealing with Hubby's photos

How many of us have 'stuff' that we hold onto for sentimental reasons? I'd say most of us do.  How many of us have 'stuff' that our parents kept for us, thinking one day we'd want it?  A lot of us.
So what do you do when all that 'stuff' gets delivered to you (cause the in-laws don't want it taking up their space any more)?
When this happened to hubby a few months ago I asked him to consider whether he really needed it all.....trophies and medals from sports that he hadn't looked at in over 15 years and photos he hadn't looked at in just as long.
So....we photographed the trophies and medals, sorted the photos (blurry ones, people he couldn't remember who they were and duplicates were all thrown away) and I have made an album for him using the SNAP range from Simple Stories and a few BH cards too.
Hubby still has to do the journalling, but the two massive tubs have been reduced to one, and his memories are now sorted and are being looked after.

Here are a few pages....minus journalling of course.

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping....Amanda

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