Thursday, January 24, 2013

End of 2012................

Well, the end of 2012 just flew by didn't it?  I changed roles (again) at work and am no doing something a little different....but the change has meant I have had to learn a lot and focus a fair bit more than I usually have to.
In terms of scrapbooking..........I did a few traditional layouts but October and November were more about re-organising my craft space (still a work in progress....just can't get it how I want, making Xmas cards and donig a lot of sorting.
I was reading some older posts on Becky Higgins blog and one really struck a chord with me.....that we are not other people's memory keepers.  I had a large drawer of old at different people's birthdays, weddings, and lots of other people at other people's events.  I asked myself why did I have all these photos sitting in a drawer?  Well, because they weren't important enough for me to scrap or do anything else with.
So I spent an entire afternoon with all the photos on the floor and sorted I definitely wanted to scrap were put into individual 12x12 page protectors in their groups, photos that were other people I didn't know were tossed, blurry photos were tossed, duplicates were either sent to parents/grandparents or tossed. It was a big job, but at the end of it I ended up with 224 photos tossed, about 160 photos kept to scrap and about 30 photos sent to people.
I know some people would think how could you destroy photos......once I got started and had a goal in mind it was pretty easy.....and I feel a LOT better for doing it.

But on to projects.....I thought I would give December Daily a go...but that I would use PL for it. I used the Echo Park Photo Freedom "Dear Santa" range, as well as some great flair buttons from an etsy store called Greatest View and the Elf on the Shelf stamps from the delightful Kellie Winnell.....Give a Girl a Blog!

We had a lot of fun with our elves on the you can see below....

I did the final week of December using 'normal' (ie not Xmas themed) papers but havent taken photos yet.
I have a few blog posts to do today, just to catch up on things, including things I am catching up on while I am on holidays from work and how I am approaching 2013.
Be back soon,


  1. Love the way your approached December Daily within your Project Life. Looking good :)