Saturday, April 27, 2013

Revamped Blog Competition

Hi, and thanks for visiting.

About a month ago I started the Jessica Sprague "Bloom your blog" course to learn how to make some changes and give my blog a fresh new look.......cause we all need a makeover now and again.

While I learnt how to do some things, there were other changes I wanted to make that weren't covered in the course.  Step in a friend of ours - Duane from QuikTek Solutions ( - and my updated blog is now ready to share.

So what do you think?  Do you like the design?  The colours? I'm interested in your thoughts.

While I've been having the changes made bogging of my Project Life has, of course, taken a back seat. But I have all the photos ready for a few weeks and will start creating the posts later today.

To celebrate the new look I will be having a number of giveaways.  These will range from gift vouchers for a few of my favourite suppliers, to embellishment packs based around what i am using this year in my project life.
How do you win? Leave a comment on any one of my blog posts from this one through to the 21st May and you will go into the draw.  Start following this blog and you will go into the you will go into a special draw only for those people who follow me.

No other rules........and I will post the giveaways at my wherever you are.

Hope you like my new look, and enjoy the upcoming posts.


  1. Love, love, love the chevron background and the colour is to die for. The layout and everything on your blog is nice and easy on the eye and really easy to navigate. There's no clutter, and using only a few colours keeps you (me) focused on what you've posted - therefore my eyes dont tend to wonder off to the sides like they do on some blogs.
    Very NOICE! :)

    1. Thanks Honey! Your response means that some of what I was trying to acheive has been achieved - YAY.