Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 27 - A new approach

Hi, and thanks for visiting.
So, here we are starting the second half of the year.  And with that it's time to re-evaluate a number of things. For me, this included looking back at the first half of the year's album and identifying what I liked and didn't like - not just the photos and the way the pages had been put together, but also the process.
The outcome is that in the second half of the year I will NOT make myself do a double spread just to have the pages even in my album.  I will do one page, or two pages or more, as the week requires.
The only rule is that there will be one page per week at least.
And with that......week 27 was pretty quiet on the photo front.  Lots of other things happening at work taking up too much family time and that's what happens.
So here is my page for the week....
With all the new BH kits out, I bought 1/4s of several kits so, unlike the first half of the year which was predominantly Seafoam, this second half will see me use different kits as the week requires.

Thanks for visiting.

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