Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 20 already?

Hi, and thanks for visiting Week 20.....
This was the first week of the 12WBT program - so there were lots of changes to our routine.....most of which don't make it into photos.....including when I do my PL.  Still working on the adjustments.
My left hand side is focused on my boys school photos.  I know we all think our kids are gorgeous but I love it when it translates to school photos.  The colours in their school uniform helped dictate the colours for this week.....the pale aqua and yellow from Seafoam.
On my title card you can see a yellow lacey doilie....I bought a few different dies from the scrapbook store and spent Monday evening cutting lots of these from my seafoam cardstock stack. Its topped off with a flair from Greatest View.
I also got some wood veneer frames from Freckled fawn this week.  While I couldn't use the frames themselves, they each have words cut out of them, and you get the cut out words.  I used 'Favourite' although I had to take a 'U' from another word to get the Australian spelling.  Also on that card is an Amy Tangerine camera stamp.  Some of my filler cards are from Pebbles Family Ties line.

Lately my boys have been driving me mad on Thursday and Friday mornings. Even though we have over 2 hours to get ready to walk to school (as opposed to 45 minutes on Mon/Tue/Wed) they argue about wanting to play the computer (not allowed before school) and we are still rushing to get out the door.  So this week I used some bribery......they had to be showered, dressed, bags ready and then I made pancakes for breakfast.  It worked......but is a lot of hard work!
Given that I am trying to do a workout every day with 12WBT it was only appropriate that my runners made an appearance.......

And here is the double spread.

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